Tying with rocks and threes is always very specific … sometimes contact is very easy the rope goes all by itself … sometime it is as veiled … sometimes it is just not the moment

Inspiration based on Kinoko Hajime’s tying with a rock. See his video.

I let you discover some souvenirs of my experiences “ropes & rocks” on my other blogs

ZenRopes Blog, which for the moment (apr 2017) contains a lot of pictures of a place (de Bierg – “the mountain” that is very dear to me, where I feel at peace   – tying with a rock

and “les cordes pour les cordes” ( the ropes for the ropes)  – this blog shows my views and approaches of rope via photos and short échos of my rope-partners

This series of pictures, was a very special atmosphere while tying and when I finally saw the pictures I realised there was more to it …

on this post scroll down to “a shamane’s path” a dear friend of went on a powerful journey … contributions of the rock, the nature (de Bierg) and the rope


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