“les cordes pour les cordes”  litterally the ropes for the ropes  that’s in a nutshell my vision of doing ropes with a partner be it a human or a three or a rock

one of the essential aspects in ropes, is the attitude and the personnality, the motivations for doing ropes … self-discovery unveiling aspects that were hidden in the shadows and bring them to shine in the light … letting go and resolving inner conflicts, or taking confidence in one-self or other people, life again, getting a bit out of one’s head and connecting to one’s body more consciously, letting oneself be touched emotionally and allowing vulnerabilty  as well for the rigger as for the rope-partner

this blog as a space for collecting and finding again different resources, maybe also a note-book for ideas or experiences, ideally a place for online conversations or online collaborations (ie on a specific topic – the symbolics and mening of rope indifferent cultures)  and also for people new to ropes to discover a bit about the “multi-verse” of ropes … for me they are much more than a single universe 😉